Online Slot RTPs

There is an art to playing the best paying slot games at any online casino and this is achieved by discovering which slot games offer the best return to player payout percentages. This is commonly abbreviated to “Slot RTP’s” and whilst some online slot game designers readily make this information available to players, some choose to keep it a guarded secret.

However it is worth noting that to be granted a gaming license by one of the many respected gaming licensing authorities, each single slot game available in the online casino that holds such a license must have been certified as fair and random and also must guarantee that it plays and pays to its expected long term payout percentage.

Whilst you could spend many hours or even days searching for the payout percentages on any set of online slot games you are considering playing, we have therefore decided to make you life somewhat easier and present to you several articles relating to the published payout percentages from some of the major software companies in the online gambling environment.

Payout Percentages by Software Type

There are several software companies whose gaming platforms power online casinos. We have chosen to stick to the most commonly found ones and as such will present to you the published payout percentages for some of their slots, simply follow the links below for the highest and lowest paying slots from any of the listed software companies slot games.


Microgaming Slot RTPs – The online casino software company Microgaming offer the largest collection of slot games, and as such one thing is always guaranteed when you play at an online casino utilizing their software platform and that is a massive suite of slot games will be available to you. Plus you can now play Microgaming powered slot games on mobile phones and mobile devices.


Playtech Slot RTPs – Another online casino software company who supply slot games to lots of different casinos is Playtech. Their slots have now started to appear in land based gaming venues and are available to play on the gaming terminals which betting offices and land based slot game venues have on offer.


IGT Slot RTPs – As you may already be aware IGT are a land based slot machine designer and supplier, however in the last ten years or so they have been making their land based slots accessible to online slot players. IGT Interactive supply a no download required type of online casino gaming platform which many operators now utilise as the engine that powers their respective online casino sites.


NetEnt Slot RTPs – Another software company who supply no download, flash powered slot games is NetEnt, a Swedish based company who have a large and very diverse range of slot machines all accessible to online players. Their games come in many different categories and as such you will find they offer basic structured slots along with technically advanced bonus video slot games.

Remember that by playing only the highest paying slot machines online in regards to the payout percentages any slot offers you are going to get the best chances of winning. This is not a guarantee of a winning session, but playing slots offering payout percentages in the 95% range or higher you are going to be getting better value than by playing slots with offer payouts percentages of 80% or less.

Online slots as you will soon discover by having a look through any of the above software providers RTP’s pay much higher than most land based slots. So by moving your slot playing action online will see you getting plenty of longer playing sessions and much more winning opportunities.

What Are RTPs?

You may be familiar with the workings of a slot game but you may not have heard of the term “return to player payout percentages” before, so you may be wondering what exactly they are and how they affect the way in which any slot game works and operates.

All online slot games are random and a random number generator is used to determine the result out each spin, the logic behind this is relatively simple, each reel position and reel symbol has a number attached to it and dependent on which series of numbers the random number generator generates when you click on the spin button this will determine to outcome of that spin.

One some reels there will be more than one of the same reel symbol and as such the slots payouts are structured around the odds of you lining up a winning combination of any matching set of reel symbols.

If there is just one particular reel symbol on each reel, as is often the case with jackpot symbols, then this winning combination will be much harder to hit than one with several symbols on each reel.

Any slot game designer will design a matrix of all of the reel positions and the symbols along with the odds of those combinations being spun in and they can then give the slot its expected return to player payout percentage or RTP as it is known.

This figure will be presented as a percentage, and will be the amount that the slot game is expected to return to players over the long term operation of the game. So if a game has a published RTP of say 96%, then for every £100 fed into the game and played will see the slot paying out to players, over the long term £96 resulting in a £4 net win for the operator of that slot per £100 wagered..

However it should be noted that the payout percentage is based on the long term operation of that slot game, so you will not be guaranteed to get £96 paid back if you play £100 worth of spins!

Your actual return to player payout percentage per session is going to fluctuate wildly which is why playing slots is so exciting, you can have winning sessions and losing sessions, however the longer you play any one particular slot game the nearer to its expected RTP you will find yourself getting.