An Introduction to Mobile Gambling

In an increasingly technological age in which more of us are using phones and tablets for all sorts of things, from drawing to recording videos and from placing bets to watching the latest sport or hit drama series. For a long time mobile gambling was tipped to be the “next big thing” but for whatever reason this never really happened. Finally it seems that the public are coming round to the idea of using their phones or other mobile devices to place bets and we look at the future of mobile gambling.

Ever since phones were capable of accessing the internet bookmakers were keen to try and capture the mobile market. In the early days of mobile connectivity speeds were prohibitively slow and reliability was lacking and it was understandable that the betting public were not overly keen on using their phones to gamble. Even as the technology improved uptake was slow but with the explosion in usage of smartphones this has really, finally, begun to change.

3G, 4G and WIFI access through a modern smartphone allows speeds, reliability, graphics and sound that are not too dissimilar to what many users experience through a desktop. All the major bookmakers and online casinos have excellent apps and/or mobile-optimised versions of their main sites and increasingly there are some superb free bets and bonuses aimed specifically at mobile users. These bonuses often differ from the ones available through the regular desktop site, and often you can claim both signup bonuses for both the desktop and mobile versions of a site (but not always).

Whether you want to make sports bets on the go – ideal for when you’re in the pub or at a friend’s watching the football, rugby or whichever sport you like to bet on – or prefer to play casino games there is a great mobile betting site for you. More than likely, you will be able to grab a free bet or bonus too to up your chances of getting that net win, although for many people the advantage of mobile gambling is that it’s just meant to be a bit of fun.

Playing a few hands of poker or blackjack is a great way to pass time whilst on the bus, waiting for the kids or even when a friend is at the bar. In this modern day and age with boredom thresholds at an all-time low, mobile gambling offers a lot more fun, interest and excitement than checking Facebook or the news for the 25th time that day. As said, the technology is really superb, both in terms of the bookmakers’ software and the phone companies’ hardware and both of these are only set to improve.

The bookmakers and casinos are well aware this is a rapidly growing sector of the market and as such are keen to ensure their slice of the pie is more Man v Food than Supermodel v Lettuce with plenty of sites regularly featured exciting (and free!) extras for mobile users.

We have to admit that it took us a while to get on the mobile gambling train – but now that we’re on it, we love it. So if you haven’t explored the world of mobile gambling we strongly advise firing up your phone and giving it a go. And the best bit? You’ll be opening yourself up to a whole new world of special offers and bonuses.