Non UK Licensed

Because online gambling is heavily regulated in the UK, that means that we can only recommend betting sites that are licensed in the United Kingdom. On a similar note, it also means that all providers of gambling games – including casino, bingo and poker – must be meet certain requirements to be able to legally allow players from the UK to access their games.

If you’ve reached this page expecting something else, through search or via a link on another site, then the chances are that whatever it was you were looking for no longer holds the appropriate license to operate in the UK. This could be for many reasons – maybe the site simply doesn’t want to deal with the paperwork and obligations that come with holding a license, or maybe they are excluded from holding a license due to their presence in unregulated markets (part of the UKCG requirements state that the license holder must be operating legally in all jurisdictions where it accepts players).

Regardless of the reason, if there’s no license, you can’t play there. And any gambling site who accepts UK players but doesn’t hold a UK license is breaking the law.