American Football Betting Guides

It’s not a sport we typically grow up with here in the UK, so to our untrained eye it can just look like a lot of armour clad men bumping into each other, but American Football is becoming popular in the UK in a big way, and that means more betting markets are opening up.

If you are fascinated by this American import and want to learn how to bet on it more successfully, then work your way through the articles below. Soon you will know the difference between a quarter back and a running back, be able to name all 5 positions in an offensive line, and really understand what’s happening on the gridiron. Relax champ, we’ll see you safely to the End Zone.

American Football Basics

American Football Explained: A Very Simple Guide For Brits

For us Brits, American Football can be a bit of a mystery. Why do they stop all the time? What's with the armour? How come the games take so long? And what on earth is a quarter back? This quick guide to the basics will give you the foundation to build up some knowledge.
American Football vs Rugby

What's the Difference Between American Football & Rugby

Despite the obvious similarities, the game of rugby is very different from that of American football, both in how it is played from a player perspective and how the game is structured. The major difference here though, is money.
Super Bowl

How Are the Super Bowl Teams Chosen?

It's a spectacular sporting event in America but the rest of the world are less familiar with the details of the super bowl. Nevertheless, it's a huge date in the diary and a great introduction to American Football for the uninitiated.