Baseball Betting Guides

Although it is one of the most popular sports in the USA, both for actually playing and for betting on, in the UK it is not widely played or even understood. It’s similar to rounders, but outside of PE at school most people never play. That means that most bettors won’t have too much experience when it comes to wagering on the sport.

The following articles will answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding the rules of baseball and betting on it, so if you have ever wanted to diversify your betting behaviour, or if you just want to double check something you think you already know, you should find the information you are looking for on this page.

Umbrella at Rainy Baseball Game

What Happens When There's a Rain Delay or Washout in Baseball?

When it comes to the weather, baseball is not quite as bad as cricket, but not quite as carefree as football. Rain interfering with play is relatively rare, but it does happen each season, and here's how they handle it.
Baseball Strike

Can Players Go Up to Bat Again After They Are Out in Baseball?

Although this is possible it is not very common, but baseball is a team game, so 'outs' are attributed to the team as a whole, not to the player. There are strict rules as to who is allowed to bat and when though.
Baseball Player Pointing at Watch Time

Is There a Limit to How Long a Baseball Match Can Go On?

While most baseball games last at least nine innings, it is potentially possible for them to be shorter as well as much much longer. Extra innings are often used, but new rules have also been introduced in order to keep games at manageable lengths. These have worked, but not all baseball fans were happy about them.
Baseball Fight

Brawls in Baseball: How Often Do Teams Fight & How Severe Are the Penalties?

Fights aren't a common occurrence in baseball like they are in sports such as ice hockey, but when it does kick off in baseball it really kicks off. The players, the staff, even the fans have been known to get involved. But what is the outcome?
Umpire Gives Foul Ball Signal

What is a Foul Ball in Baseball?

An interesting element of the game that can benefit either team depending on the situation it occurs in. Some players have even built a reputation on using foul balls to their advantage, but spectators are at a surprisingly high risk of injury from them.
Baseball Pitching and Batting

Do All Players Bat And Pitch in Baseball?

Baseball is usually played over 9 innings, with both teams batting and pitching once in each innings. However, while most players will almost always bat at some point during the game, it's a different matter for pitching, which is a much more specialist role.
World Series Logo

Where Did the World Series Get Its Name?

How can it be called The 'World' Series when it only contains teams from North America? Good question. There are a few theories behind the name but none can be proved. There are, however, a few clues available.
Baseball Fan Question

Can Baseball Matches End in a Draw?

Draws aren't really associated with baseball but they do exist in the sport, much to the annoyance of those at the head of it, especially the Major League. They want to see a winner, and there have been some epically long games in the past to achieve this.