Boxing Betting Guides

Round Betting in Boxing

How Does Round Betting Work in Boxing?

Round betting comes in all shapes and sizes and is perfect for balancing exactly the amount of risk vs reward you are happy with. Whether you think it will be over in round 3 with a clear winner or if you think it will drag on to the end and be decided on points, there's a round bet for you.
Boxing Title Belts

How do Boxing Titles & Belts Work?

As well as all of the title belts for different weight classes, there can also be numerous titles within each weight class which can understandably cause confusion for anyone new to boxing.
Boxer Winning

Method of Victory Betting in Boxing

Betting on the winner of a boxing match doesn't always offer particularly attractive odds, especially if the two fighters are fairly evenly matched. Betting on the method of victory can solve this problem, and also make the fight much more interesting to watch.