Esports Betting Guides

It’s a whole new world out there, and betting on other people playing video games is now a mainstream way to potentially earn money, in fact, there are huge tournaments that take place paying millions to the winners. If you want to stay up to date with the latest betting trends, then eSports is where it is at.

Betting on eSports is very good if you like events that are live streamed, this is obviously much easier to provide since it is all digital, and it is an area that has much more room to grow. Below we have a selection of articles that will teach you your DOTA from your COD, and your CS:GO from your LOL.

esports Bets

What Bets Can You Place on Esports Games?

Most sports have similar bet types for the most part, along with perhaps a handful that might be specific to the sport in question. Esports is very different to most sports you can bet on though, and that means what you can bet on is unique too.
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Esports Terms Explained: From CS:GO to DOTA and LOL

A noob diving into the world of esports could be forgiven for thinking a different language was being spoken. Acronyms and jargon are commonplace, and if you don't understand it you can get left behind, so read on to improve your HP and avoid being fragged.
Esports Team Winning

Are Esports Players Considered Athletes?

To some, esports players are simply basement dwelling energy drink swilling gamers, while to others they are highly tuned athletes adept at their job. There is a similar argument over whether or not darts and snooker players can really qualify as sportsmen, but just like those sports, esports professionals train hard to become the best at what they do. So are they athletes or not?
Esports vs Sport

Is Esports a Sport?

It's a debate that has been ongoing for a few years - and some people may question whether or not it even matters - but for those who want their abilities recognised the matter is an important one. Two key elements of what defines a sport are skill and physicality, one of which esports requires in spades, the other not so much, but there are other accepted sports that fit into this category too.
esports Spelling

Is it Spelled esports or e-sports?

Esports is all very new and confusing to some more traditional bettors, though it is most definitely here to stay, but how on earth is it spelled? This article covers a little more than that, of course, giving an overall picture of this developing betting market.
eSports Match Fixing

Match Fixing in eSports: Is it Too Easy?

No sooner has a new sport come along, than someone out there has tried to exploit it. Match fixing, or throwing, has already affected this relatively new sports betting category, and it is more open to foul play too because of the anonymity people have online.
eSports Tournament

What Are the Biggest Tournaments in Esports?

Not only is betting on video games a real thing these days, but there are world tournaments with huge prizes attended in person by hundreds of thousands and watched online by millions more. These can be bet on too of course, but you need to know what they are if you want to find them, and this article lists the top ten.