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Home Team Advantage 400

Does Home Team Advantage Really Exist in Football?

Looking at the stats it is hard to argue that home team advantage does not exist, but to what degree to is have an impact, and what are the factors that determine this?
Fans Arguing about Football

0-0 Correct Score v No Goalscorer - Which Is The Better Bet?

Two different bets that may seem like they refer to the same outcome, but one is in fact better value than the other because of a technicality in the terms and conditions of the bet.

Scorecasts & Wincasts Explained

Scorecast, winscast, and the newer timecast are all popular combination football bets that offer much better odds than a regular old single wager, but there is a real art to getting them right.
Man of the Match 400

Man of the Match Betting

This isn't a market you will find everywhere and many bookies have different rules for it, but it's a bet that should last the full 90 minutes and one that can come with whopping odds if you have a sneaky feeling about a player who perhaps isn't the star.
League Betting 400

League Betting in Football: Outright Winner, Promotion & Relegation

Those who want value for money can enjoy a league based bet for months on end, squeezing every last drop of entertainment value from their stake. But there are many more options than simply betting on a team to win the league, & that means more ways to potentially profit.
Goal Scored 400

Goalscorer Betting in Football: First, Last, Anytime + Many More

Those looking for riskier bets with more lucrative rewards have often turned to goalscorer betting when the odds elsewhere were uninspiring, but these days there are more markets in this betting category than ever.
Football Pyramid 400

Bet Builders: How to Create an Acca With Bets From the Same Match

Coming to the rescue of football punters everywhere, the bet builder finally gives us a way to bet on multiple selections from the same game as part of the same bet. This gives the bettor more ownership over their bets than ever before. It's not the only way to do it though; you can learn more here.
Football Player Money Gesture 400

Player Transfer Betting Explained

This is one of the few football betting markets where inside info can have an impact on the result of your bet. This is a fast moving market that is heavily influenced by the rumour mill, but seeing the wood for the trees can be difficult with so many armchair experts out there.
SBTech Pulse Betting 400

Pulse Betting: What Is It & How Does It Work?

This market isn't available everywhere but it can really set the heart racing if you ever get the chance to give it a try. It's a great twist on conventional betting that offers increasingly high payouts the longer the bet runs, but if it runs too long your bet is lost.
Football Manager 400

Next Manager Betting in Football

The manager has a bit of a thankless task and their job is highly pressurised. This leads to frequent changes in leadership when teams are felt to be under-achieving, which in turn leads to interesting betting markets for punters.
Football Match

Match Betting in Football: How to Bet on the Winner of a Game

For many punters, betting on the outcome of the match itself is about as far as they get when it comes to betting markets. However, even within this type of betting there are variations that you can try to boost your chances or improve your potential return.
Trophy 400

Cup Betting in Football: How to Bet on the Outright Winner of a Tournament

Betting on a cup competition isn't as black and white as picking a winner. These days, there are many other bet types within this market that can see you making money even from teams who have no hope of taking home the trophy.
Football Scoreboard 400

Correct Score & Over/Under Betting in Football Explained

Two of the most popular betting markets outside of the match result market, and for good reason too. These bets are easy to understand and have good potential to last well into the second half and beyond. They can also offer better odds than match result in a lot of circumstances.
Red Card Yellow Card 400

Betting on Bookings and Red/Yellow Cards in Football

We all know those players or teams with a propensity for, shall we say, 'questionable' tactics. They might not be popular with the referee but they can provide good betting opportunities, and there are plenty of markets to choose from in this category.
Taking a Corner 400

Betting on Corners in Football

A great way to diversify your football betting, the corners market offers plenty of variation and can also be a good way to find a decent potential return from a seemingly clear cut fixture.