Greyhound Racing Betting Guides

Swindon Greyhound Stadium

Decline of Greyhound Racing in the UK

It's sad when times change, but for greyhound racing the cards have been on the table for decades. The sport was once booming all over the country, but as laws changed and other affordable entertainments became available to regular folk, trade dropped off a cliff. This is the story of the British greyhounds.
Greyhound Racing Flapping

What is Flapping?

This odd sounding word is the term given to unlicensed greyhound racing in the UK, but being unlicensed isn't the same as being illegal - some of the stadiums where flapping occur are well established. However, it is an area more open to abuse.
Greyhound Race Traps Open

Trap Betting: How to Bet on the Trap, Not the Dog

Trap betting is unique to dog racing and serves as an alternative bet to betting on a specific dog. It can be easy to fall into the 'trap' of inadvertently backing a dog you didn't mean to bet on if you use it incorrectly though, so when trap betting keep in mind the tips within.
Greyhound Traps 400

What is Trap Challenge Betting & How Does it Work?

A bet that will run for the entire meeting offering lots of interest for a small stake. Here, you are betting on the trap itself rather than any individual dogs, so there is a lot of luck involved.