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Elderly Tennis Player

Retirement Rules in Tennis Betting

A player could retire from a game for a number of reasons, but the impact that could have on your bet will depend on who you are betting with and the exact bet that you have made. There are a number of different rules covering this scenario discussed within.
Tennis Racket and Balls

Set Betting in Tennis

To add an extra dimension to your tennis bet, you could consider set betting. It makes betting on a short favourite a little more interesting and rewarding, for example, but of course you are also making a more difficult bet.
Tennis Match Winner

Match Betting in Tennis

Unlike a lot of other sports, match betting in tennis can provide wildly different odds depending on who is playing who. It's still a simple bet whether placed ahead of time or in-play, and even though there is no such thing as a draw in tennis there are one or two rules to watch out for.