BetBright is a mid-sized online bookie who also offer an online Casino, Live Dealer Games, and Bingo; but in this post, we’re going to look solely at the sports betting opportunities offered, which, by most punters accounts are relatively varied and generous. This is impressive, especially given the company’s fairly small cluster of players, who come mainly from the UK and Asia.

Admittedly, BetBright are not yet at the same level as some of the other bookies we’ve reviewed, but they are a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. Despite not being a recognisable name to your average punter, BetBright offer a fantastic betting service that is streamlined and designed for all; from those who place a few quid on football each week, to the big hitters whose stakes climb into the thousands. The bookie looks after all of its customers big or small, and it’s this dedication that has helped them to build a strong trusting relationship with their regulars.

Today, we’re going to look at the bookie in depth, including reviewing the website itself, the markets, and the features offered.

Sports Betting at BetBright

BetBright BetslipBetBright offer a stellar selection of markets and events for you to bet on, and virtually every market imaginable is offered at the site.

Now, while Football and Horse Racing are the most popular and most frequently advertised by the company (which is the case for pretty much everywhere these days), BetBright don’t stop there; the choice is huge.

Some of the other markets include: Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Snooker, Rugby Union, Rugby League, The Olympic Games, Novelties, Ice Hockey, Handball, Golf, E-sports, Darts, Cricket, Boxing, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Australian Football and American Football.

One thing that’s proving particularly popular, is the fact that BetBright actively add new sports and markets to their site, with regular updates to their blog and social media profiles to alert you to these new releases. It’s quick, it’s clever, and it shows they are certainly moving with the times.

You can view all of the sports by clicking the A-Z tab on the left-hand side of the navigation bar; and remember, if you don’t see the market or sport you are looking for, you can always email or live-chat the support team, who may be able to convince the traders to make a special bet. This really does happen – if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Unusual Markets

Unfortunately, BetBright really let themselves down when it comes to speciality markets, and aside from a few rarer sports like MMA, WWE and Water Polo – which aren’t all that rare any more to be honest – you won’t find anything to get excited about.

A few TV specials pop up from time to time, and you can occasionally find markets on some of the most popular TV shows including the likes of America’s Got Talent, Britain’s got Talent, Master Chef, The Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice. Although these are usually limited to outright winners.

Keep an eye on the BetBright blog and social media accounts to ensure you’re getting up to date information on specials, or any promotions or odds boosts that come along.BetBright Blog

How Good are the Odds?

BetBright make bold claims about their offered prices, and you can see from their main mission statement that they aren’t intimidated by any other bookie:

“Best Odds Guaranteed on all UK and Irish Horse Racing markets, with Daily Racing Specials”

It’s definitely a bold claim, although after spending a little time on the site, it’s clear that they live up to it; we think they offer one of the best betting experiences around.

Alongside their best price guaranteed markets (which ensure you always get the best prices on your wins, regardless of the price of your selection when the bet was placed), BetBright offer a number of specials as stated above, and this can include everything from specific event price boosts to ACCA bonuses and more.

You can find a full rundown of any current promotions on the ‘Promotions’ or ‘Daily Deals’ tabs on the main navigation bar.

In Play Betting

BetBright In-PlayBetBright may not offer the biggest selection of in-play markets, but one that they do offer – and in vast quantities – is their football in-plays, which, during the height of the season can offer as many as 2,000 markets every single day.

To access the in-plays you simply need to click ‘in-play’ from the main menu, and you will then be presented with a detailed screen full of selections and sub-categories, allowing you to locate the best markets for you.

Something else that BetBright should be applauded for, are the odds offered within the in-play markets. They typically offer better odds than most of their competitor’s sites, with the bookies in-plays faring well on odds comparison sites.

The Website

BetBright WebsiteIn today’s cutting-edge gambling market, it’s never been more crucial for a bookie to have a solid website that offers a user-friendly experience; and without these foundations to build from, an online gambling company won’t last long in such a competitive market.

BetBright have fully embraced the digital age, and have developed their website to be as intuitive as possible – it’s actually a pleasure to use.

Finding different betting markets is quick, page loading times are quicker, and the account functions such as depositing/withdrawing, updating your account information, and accessing or editing your responsible gambling settings are simple, fast, and efficient.

The site has been designed to allow punters to place as many bets as possible in the shortest amount of time, and while you might initially think this was an attempt to make the bookie as much money as possible, their CEO said in a recent interview that their real goal is to enable punters to enjoy a fast-paced betting environment that’s reminiscent of an actual racecourse or sporting ground.

Is he telling the truth? We’ll never know for sure, but you can place bets very quickly, and the betslip is extremely responsive; with prices, event-timings, and any deductions displayed almost as soon as they’re released.

On a less important note, perhaps, the colour scheme used by BetBright is a calming combination of blues and whites which creates a unique looking platform that’s both easy to use and easy on the eye.

Mobile Betting

BetBright have developed a number of mobile apps, available to both iOS and Android players, and these enable players around the UK to enjoy what we call ‘on the go betting’. As long as you have a compatible device and an internet connection you can bet anywhere and anytime.

iOS and Android players can download the free app from the app store, while players using other devices can use the mobile optimised website through their internet browser; both of which offer an equally reliable and efficient way of placing bets on the move.

The majority of markets available on the desktop site can also be accessed from the app, and this includes regular markets and in-plays. There is also compatibility with the Casino product offered by BetBright, so you can enjoy interchangeable betting and gaming if that’s your thing, without the need to download separate apps or change between sites.

Best Features

Extremely User-Friendly Website

We just looked at the website, and as you could probably tell we are big fans of the layout and design. We won’t repeat everything we just talked about, but it’s well worth including as a best feature as it’s one of the main reasons they are proving so popular.

The entire betting experience is a breeze – and that goes for PC, Mac, and Mobile players.

Excellent Customer Support

While it’s rare to find unhelpful agents at any bookie, the fact that many hide between fake pictures and names can make it all feel slightly impersonal. Thankfully, BetBright are the complete opposite, and they strive to be as friendly, helpful, and respectful as possible.

Whether it’s technical issues, bonus questions, or help with a problem gambling; you can expect a fast and compassionate response 24/7, and email and phone options are available as an alternative.

Other Products to Enjoy

Fancy your chances on the poker table against other players? Like to break up your sports betting session with a little punt on the Roulette? Well, BetBright offer both those products and more; and all are accessible from the main website, so no need to head to separate URLs or download extra software.

Plus, your balance is centralised, meaning there’s no need to transfer funds between the different parts of the website, so you can seamlessly transition between their different games, products, and services.

 Payments & Limits

BetBright’s official maximum bet amount is a very generous £50,000, although it’s worth mentioning that sometimes it could be less, even though this isn’t stated.

The reason for this is that the maximum payouts would render a £50k bet pointless, as it would exceed the maximum payouts at odds of more than 5/1 – and that’s because the maximum payout per customer, per day, is £250,000.

It can be a bit difficult to get your head around, and while it won’t affect the vast majority of players, it’s always worth ensuring you’re up to date with the payment caps. If you’re ever unsure, just email customer support or hop on the live chat, and you’ll be able to find out the exact limits applicable to the markets you’re betting on, as well as your account limitations.

When it comes to withdrawal and payout methods, BetBright give you a lot of options. Just some of the methods available to you are: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, and Visa Electron.

Withdrawal requests are generally processed within 6 hours – one of the fastest response times of any online bookie we’ve reviewed – and if you want to benefit from this speedy time frame, make sure your account at BetBright is fully verified; meaning account details are correct, your proof of ID, and address is uploaded, and you’ve stuck to any terms and conditions if you’ve agreed to take a bonus.

History & About

BetBright LogoBetBright in their own words “are the online gambling group that you’ll begin to notice, begin to use, and begin to love.”

So long as they stay away from any form of poetry or attempts at humour, then who knows – maybe.

In all seriousness, BetBright have done incredibly well for themselves given their relatively short life so far (they were founded in 2012), and in the 5 years they have been operating, their commitment to their players has been commendable. They ensure that everyone enjoys a safe, reliable gambling experience, regardless of how much they’re wagering, or the product they’re using.

The group, again in their own words – “comprise of experts from many fields, including, Sports, Gambling, Telecommunications, and Customer Service” – and it appears that this approach (starting the business with experienced staff members) has proved to be a good decision for the bookie, with over one million registered users reported so far.

Below, is the official mission statement from BetBright, so you can see exactly what they’ve set out to accomplish by founding their online operations:

“Bet Bright are all about taking the really good things from online gambling, making them better and getting rid of all of the things that people find annoying. We’ve set out to provide you with an experience that we, as sports enthusiasts and people who like to bet, is simply better than the rest.”

They have strived to make the betting process as easy as possible, and offer a ton of features and services on their site. With a keen, vested interest in mobile gaming and betting, BetBright’s reach grows and grows, and it’s likely to continue to do so significantly over the coming months and years.