ComeOn is a growing power in the online betting world, and while their online casino is perhaps the most widely recognisable side of their business, the company have managed to develop a fairly strong presence in sports betting too, offering one of the largest selection of betting markets around.

With around 20,000 bet markets and bets available each week, they may not yet be comparable to the likes of Bet 365 and Betfair, but ComeOn’s operations are growing. As you will see in this post, the bookie is well worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for a change from your usual bookmaker. Let’s get cracking.

Sports Betting at ComeOn

ComeOn BetslipComeOn offer a respectable number of betting markets, all of which can be accessed from the main homepage.

Aside from the popular sports found at virtually all bookies (Football, Tennis, Cricket, Golf etc) ComeOn offer a number of more unique or unusual markets for you to enjoy as well. We cover these in detail in the ‘unusual markets’ section below, so for now we are going to stick with the common markets on offer.

Football markets are a focal point at ComeOn and are available in their hundreds. Football is split into three main sections: Football (soccer), American Football, and Gaelic Football.

UK fans will find an abundance of markets to explore, including all Premier League matches, Championship games, and most fixtures in the lower leagues too. Tournaments are also regularly covered, with the Champions League, the Euros, and major events such as the World Cup offered in their entirety.

Surprisingly for a UK facing bookie, Horse Racing doesn’t make as big an appearance as you might perhaps expect; and while you are still able to bet on the majority of UK and Irish races it’s nowhere near as well publicised as at other bookies. Still, the markets are there, you just have to find them manually.

Other popular markets include MMA, Cycling, Baseball, Athletics, and Aussie Rules.

Unusual Markets

ComeOn SurfingIn terms of unusual sports markets, ComeOn feature a good number to choose between and enjoy.

Perhaps one of the most unique we found is Surfing, a sport that most bookies don’t offer and that some probably wouldn’t consider a sport in the first place.

It goes without saying that the number of Surfing events are miniscule compared to Football for instance, but major events are offered – particularly during summer – and this is great for both surfing enthusiasts and punters wanting to try something a little different. There is also Speedway betting, alongside Swimming, Boxing, and Handball.

We also found Chess, which is not a sport by conventional standards, but something ComeOn are more than happy to offer bets on. Like Surfing, the Chess offerings are rarer and you will only really find markets available when major events (usually in China and other Asian countries) are running.

There are a number of Political and TV special markets available too, although it has to be said that ComeOn don’t exactly dazzle with their selection of Politics markets, especially when compared with other online bookies.

How Good are the Odds?

ComeOn are frequently touted on odds comparison sites as a top bookmaker thanks to the prices they offer across their wide variety of markets and events, and it’s true; you will find pretty tasty prices on offer.

In fact, despite the fact that they don’t widely offer ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’, ComeOn usually offer an above average range of odds – on Horse Racing in particular- and great value can be found, especially surrounding some of the larger events. For example, ComeOn ran a promotion at Ascot resulting in prices that could be boosted as much as 200%!

The area where ComeOn let themselves down the most is with their Political and TV Special prices, as these are often a lot lower than elsewhere in the industry; so punters looking to wager on these markets will likely fare better elsewhere.

In Play Betting

ComeOn In-PlayComeOn offer “the latest live betting odds and bets on all major Football, Tennis, and Basketball events”, and it appears that they certainly live up to their word.

Simply click the ‘In-Play’ tab from the navigation menu, and you will be taken directly to the in-play screen, which clearly displays and outlines all of the live events on offer. You will find a number of markets to enjoy, with Football and Tennis being the most prominent.

Most of the in-play matches and events are available to view via a live stream. This is not a video picture but a graphical image showing highlights of the game that are updated every couple of seconds.

It’s worth knowing that ComeOn allow mobile players to take advantage of in-play betting as well; it’s a function that is fully optimised for mobiles allowing for live betting on the go’.

The Website

ComeOn WebsiteComeOn’s website is sleek, clear cut, and easy to navigate; and a unique wooden looking backdrop compliments rich greens, making for an aesthetically pleasing look and feel to the site.

The site is much more than just a pretty face, however, and you will enjoy a fast, reliable, and most importantly secure betting experience at all times.

The site makes navigation easy thanks to a simplified navigation bar, along with a few quick links which offer instant access to customer support, the cashier/banking function, and more.

The software that ComeOn use genuinely looks completely different from any other bookie, and this is especially welcome given that so many casinos these days appear to be cookie cutter pop up shops, giving more importance to launching as early as possible rather than actually finishing the website.

ComeOn is a million miles away from this, and while we don’t want to sound like an official fan club, it really is one of the better developed bookies sites we’ve come across.

Equally as welcome is the integration between the sportsbook and other areas of the site like the casino and the live dealer casino. You only need one account to enjoy access to all areas of the site, all of which can be found on the top navigation menu.

Mobile Betting

ComeOn have offered a casino app for a few years now, but it’s only recently that they have released an app with sports betting capabilities.

This is ideal for customers who like to enjoy their betting experience impromptu or on the move. Perhaps you’re in a sports bar watching the football and decide to place a half time bet on the final score, or maybe you’re at your favorite greyhound track and want to bet last minute without queueing up; whip out your phone and the app is right there waiting.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting a reliable and efficient mobile betting experience, the ComeOn mobile app is an ideal platform. Download the app for free from the App Store if you are an iOS player. If you are an Android player, head to the ComeOn website from your mobile device where you will see a link to download the app directly.

If you don’t want to download anything or if you’re a player on a non-iOS or Android device, you can take advantage of the mobile ready website which can be accessed through your mobile device’s internet browser.

Existing punters can log in as usual and see the balance they have to bet with, while new users can create an account in just a couple of minutes thanks to a mobile optimised sign-up form which renders perfectly on all mobile browsers.

Best Features

Quick Sign-Up

ComeOn have enabled customers to join the site in a matter of seconds thanks to a simple, easy to use form. On the main page, you’ll see a green ‘Join Now’ button; click this and then enter a few personal details (full name, e-mail/home address and date of birth are mandatory) and you can begin placing bets right away.

Joining via the mobile version of the site is a little more long winded, but can still be completed in a matter of minutes. ComeOn use handy drop-down menus so you can easily choose your date of birth etc, saving time and avoiding the hassle often associated with mobile sign-up forms.

Helpful Support

The effectiveness of customer support is often overlooked, as errors while betting are far less frequent that they once were thanks to technological advances. This means some customers will never have needed to access support services before and possibly never will, but we like to be thorough in our reviews so e-mail, phone, and live chat features are always something that we look at carefully.

Customer support is on hand 24/7, and ComeOn have one of the better reputations online as they consistently deliver all of their customers with a speedy, helpful, and friendly service. While this may not ever have been relevant to you in the past, it’s good to know it’s there should the occasion arise, and further showcases the bookies pride in their professionalism.

Rare Bet Types

ComeOn Asian HandicapComeOn is fully prepared for the most hardcore of players, and they offer a number of less common markets which you don’t find at all online bookies. One such example is the Asian Handicap bets which, despite becoming popular with many punters, still remain a fairly rare sight at smaller bookies. Thankfully, Asian Handicap markets alongside over 100 other bet types are on offer at ComeOn, so rest assured you will be taken good care of no matter what type of punter you are.

Payments & Limits

ComeOn don’t actively state what their maximum bet limits are, but if you try to place a bet that’s more than their specified limit, the betslip appears with an error message alongside the maximum bet applicable.

Different accounts will have access to different betting limits due to the way trading markets operate, and some punters may enjoy significantly higher limits than others. This is due to the risk each player poses in the eyes of the company, so players who have done well historically may find themselves restricted to lower limits.

In terms of the maximum winnings, ComeOn customers are subject to a maximum daily win of £100,000 unless agreed otherwise. This is applicable to all markets, although some – including Football and Horse Racing – can have significantly higher payout caps, the specifics of which can be found in the terms and conditions.

If you’re unsure it’s always best to check the limits applied to your account, because as we mentioned earlier the limits can differ quite a lot if you’re a regular player, or someone who wins a lot (lucky you).

History & About

ComeOn LogoComeOn casino is a UK focussed online bookie that is generally regarded as one of the leading online gambling operators in the world. Initially known for their online casino, ComeOn have enjoyed fantastic visibility thanks to their strong partnerships with gaming providers around the world, and this has enabled the company to branch out into sports betting, which has proved a significant move for the company.

Owned and operated by Co-Gaming Ltd, the company was first founded in 2008, and while it took a while for them to gain any real traction within the industry, once things took off the company went from strength to strength, quickly attracting the attention of casino players who were itching for a someone reliable to come along and fill the void that was there at the time.

Many casinos back then were Playtech powered, and casino games on Playtech powered platforms at the time were usually all Playtech games – which some players hated. Hence the market for multi-provider casinos.

As the years went by ComeOn grew in size, and eventually the decision was made to release the sports book as a compliment to the casino side of their operations. While gaming remains the larger portion of their business, ComeOn have tens of thousands of monthly visitors to their sportsbook as well, and their emphasis was clear from day one; they care about their customers and they want a website that caters to every type of punter. This they have unquestionably achieved, and with merit.

Today, ComeOn continue to expand, and their sports book shows the most growth of all. New bet markets and events are added every week, and the site is improving many of its services to enhance the player experience. This includes adding new payment methods to the site, allocating more support staff to the sports book side of things, and creating new promotions and bonuses each week to keep things fresh.