Sport Nation

Sport Nation is one of the newer betting sites to join the online market, and despite only officially launching during the 2016 Euro’s, they have seen steady growth already, attracting players from a number of countries through fantastic sign-up offers, promotions, and great Football betting markets.

In fact, despite the bookie being a predominantly football focused site (they do offer other markets, but football makes up the core of their business), players have often migrated from other betting sites completely, instead choosing Sport Nation as their go-to bookie. From the simple sign-up form to the helpful customer support, it’s easy to see why the site has managed to build a name for itself in such a short space of time.

In this post, we’re going to look at the bookmaker in detail, exploring the website itself, the markets and bet-types offered, alongside the mobile betting options and a few other core features of the site.

Sports Betting at Sport Nation

Sport Nation BetslipSport Nation offer a very healthy range of betting markets for players to enjoy, and whether you’re looking for Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf, or even American sports; you’ll find a ton of choice at Sport Nation, which offers thousands of betting markets each and every month.

It’s pretty rare to find a market not covered at Sport Nation. In particular, virtually every Horse Racing event in the UK is available to bet on, with non-UK races also commonplace so players can wager on races from around the world.

The American sports section at Sport Nation is also fairly comprehensive, and you’ll be able to enjoy all major sports from within the US, including: Basketball, NFL, NHL (Ice Hockey), Baseball, and MLS which is the American soccer league.

One of the coolest parts of the Sport Nation sports book is the ‘Highlights’ tab, which is the automatic home screen for all punters unless they change it via their account settings. The ‘Highlights’ tab showcases the day’s biggest and most popular events, and also flags any price boosts or specials the bookie is currently running, enabling you to quickly get to grips with what’s available to take advantage of each day.

It’s true that Sport Nation don’t offer quite as many markets as some of the other bookies out there at the moment but their selection is growing every day, and they add new markets and games all the time too, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on.

Unusual Markets

Sport Nation have an underwhelming selection of unusual bet markets to put it kindly, and whereas with some of the bigger bookies you would find all sorts of TV Specials, Political markets and ‘Novelty’ bets; Sport Nation offer just a couple of bets which, at the time of writing, don’t even explain the market they are for…

Instead, on the left-hand side navigation menu there is a ‘Specials’ tab which, when selected, takes you to a new screen where a list of bets appears. It doesn’t tell you what TV show they’re for though, or what you’re betting on.

A significant let down, and something that will undoubtedly be a turnoff to many players, especially those who enjoy placing the occasionally random bet. Pull your socks up Sport Nation!

How Good are the Odds?

The odds offered at Sport Nation hover around the middle of the range when compared with other bookies, and while it’s difficult to truly compare the odds (they aren’t found on many comparison sites), many players have claimed that the bookie offer great odds on all of the horse racing events that they are betting on, and a quick scroll through the website seems to confirm this.

One thing that is worth noting however, is that in-play prices are significantly lower than many of the other bookmakers around today, so do bear this in mind.

In Play Betting

Sport Nation In-PlaySport Nation offer a small yet reliable in-play betting section, and while most of the markets here are football related they do offer a number of other markets as well, particularly Tennis, Cricket, and American sports, the latter of which will suit late-night players.

All of the in-play games can be found through the ‘In-Play’ tab on the main menu’s navigation bar, and a well-tuned website ensures the rendering of the games and markets is as speedy as possible.

Note: To ensure the best possible betting experience and to avoid annoying problems including trying to place bets after a market has already been suspended, it’s worth trying to access the site using a reliable internet connection to ensure that you always see the most up to date prices.

The Sport Nation Website

Sport Nation WebsiteWe personally find the Sport Nation website a little confusing, and some players have accurately suggested that it looks a bit rushed. While it’s also true that things have improved over the last few months thanks to upgrades and re-designs, it’s still not the most user-friendly website in the world, and navigating your way around can feel cumbersome.

Looking first at the design, more work needs to be done to bring the site up to the level of other bookies, and it’s unlikely we’ll see Sport Nation really excel in terms of popularity until this is addressed.

An area where the site redeems itself, however, is the loading speeds – it’s definitely one of the quickest sites we’ve tested.

If you are thinking that this is simply down to a strong internet connection, we have used the same connection on some of the other online sites we have reviewed with less than impressive results. Mildly frustrating at first, but can ultimately lead to players choosing another site altogether.

Mobile Betting

Sport Nation offer a streamlined mobile website to enable bettors around the world to place wagers, check existing bets, and enjoy a near complete sports betting experience from smartphones and tablet devices.

As there isn’t a downloadable app, players can only use their internet browser to access the mobile version of the site. This can be achieved in one of two ways. The first is to head directly to the Sport Nation website as normal which will automatically redirect you to the mobile friendly site. This will allow you to log-in and begin placing bets.

If you’re having difficulty accessing the mobile site, some browsers feature a ‘request mobile site’ option which you can click to be taken to the mobile optimised site instead.

Some players will also be able to use a free text service to request a mobile link be texted to their phone. On the main desktop version of the site, you’ll find a form which asks you to enter your mobile phone number. Enter your number, click ‘text me’, and you’ll receive a free text with a direct link to the website. You can’t go wrong from there.

Perhaps most impressive about the mobile site, is the fact that it’s available to players on all devices, regardless of their OS, or platform.

As it’s a mobile website as opposed to an actual app, there are no specific hardware requirements; all you need is a phone that can handle responsive websites. As a general rule of thumb, if your phone is capable of browsing social media sites without interruption, it’s more than likely going to be fine to run Sport Nation’s mobile site.

Best Features

Player Bets

Unlike some of our other bookies reviews, we’re nominating just one ‘Best feature’ for Sport Nation, mainly because it takes a great deal more explaining than usual.

The ‘player bets’ feature, which can be found by clicking the tab of the same name on the navigation bar, is one of the coolest features we’ve seen. It’s a bit like an online gambling version of Build a Bear – that’s right, the chain of shops where you build your kids (or yourself, we all enjoy a snuggle) a cuddly bear to your own specification from scratch.

As soon as you open the player bets section you’ll see what it’s all about; you can essentially build your own bet in a few stages:

You begin by choosing a player/sportsman. When we loaded the page the Arsenal footballer, Alexis Sanchez, was top of the list so we used him, but there are tens of thousands to choose from via a search bar.

One you have selected your player you go on to select the ‘statistic’. The statistic can be anything and everything, from the number of touches of the ball they will get to the number of goals they will score; pretty much anything you can imagine.

Then you can set custom terms and rules such as ‘must have odds of at least 5/1’ and so on.

It’s a little confusing at first, but once you have it mastered it’s one of the most unique and fun features you are likely to see, and paves the way for what will likely become common with many online bookies in the near future. It’s a belter of an idea.

Payments & Limits

With a minimum bet amount of just £0.10, Sport Nation is an ideal sportsbook for those looking to place smaller bets – something not all bookies are prepared to accommodate – and the only real issue punters may face is the maximum bet, which for most markets is £5,000.

Now that’s not likely to be an issue for the majority of players (Do you have 5k to spare? Me neither) but it’s worth knowing if you are one of those players who do indeed like to stake nosebleed amounts of cash.

In contrast, the maximum winnings on most markets is £500,000 per day, and this is thanks to the company underwriting some of the bigger bets in the same way an insurance company does. As different markets have different maximum payouts though, it’s always worth reading the terms and conditions to get the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Deposit and withdrawal options include the majority of the common payment types, which include of course Debit Cards and a number of EWallets, including Skrill and Neteller.

History & About

Sport Nation Logo 2Sport Nation is a recent rebrand of BetonBrazil which, despite what the name implies, is a UK founded bookie created by Alan Brazil the ex-Manchester United forward and TalkSport presenter. Brazil is also a businessman and sports betting enthusiasts who remains an active brand ambassador, and plays and big part in the development and day to day running of the company.

The site is very new, launched within the last couple of years, and because of this, some players have criticised the bookie for rushing the setup of their operation.

This appears to have been a significant problem early on, but their website has recently undergone some changes, and is now much more streamlined and reliable. It’s possible to enjoy a very speedy betting experience, especially if you’re playing from a fibre optic or 4G internet connection.

The site has faced an uphill battle trying to secure a foothold within the market, but through their use of lucrative promotions and generous bonuses they’ve managed to attract players from all over the UK to join their site, and they are now considered to be one of the more exciting up and coming names within the online sports betting industry.

As a new company, they have largely focused their efforts thus far on ensuring their site is as secure and safe as possible; although we’ve recently seen them paying close attention to mobile betting too, with the release of a mobile website and apps helping to widen their player base and make the Sport Nation name spread even further.