Titanbet are an online bookie who, in their own words: “offer the best odds, lots of free bets and betting promotions, online betting specials, and a great range of sports markets”

This might appear a little cocksure, but the site is generally agreed to be one of the leading online betting sites operating today, with the sports book in particular having seen tremendous growth in recent years.

The success of the company’s sports book can be linked to the previous success of their poker site, as Titan Poker is one of the internet’s leading card rooms, with hundreds of thousands of players choosing them as their number one poker room.

In this post, we’re going to focus on the sports book as opposed to the poker, looking at the various betting markets on offer, alongside any unusual bets, payment limitations and any other notable features of the site.

Sports Betting at Titanbet

Titanbet BetslipTitanbet tend not to focus on a specific market, and instead they offer their punters a massive variety of markets to enjoy, from British classics like Horse Racing, Greyhounds, and Cricket; to international offerings, like American Football, MBA, NHL, and Aussie Rules Football.

All of the markets available can be accessed using the main navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page, and this allows you to view popular markets plus an ‘A-Z’ market list which provides a full breakdown of all available markets.

In all honesty, it’s pretty rare not to find the market that you want at Titanbet; and while it’s not quite up to the same levels as the biggest bookies, unless you’re looking for extremely niche events you should be all good.

Football is worth highlighting, as Titanbet offer a large selection of bet coupons and pre-made coupons (such as both teams to score in both halves) which means you can drastically cut down on the amount of time spent browsing events and adding individual selections to your bet slip.

Unusual Markets

Titanbet UnusualThe unusual sports markets available include Water Polo, Volleyball, GAA, and Wrestling; the latter of which is very rare indeed due to fears of insider betting, with the sport being admittedly fixed.

One thing that becomes clear quickly on the Titanbet website, is that they are really getting stuck in as far as betting offers are concerned, and they have marketed themselves well as a prime platform for football bets. Other sports markets have not been left by the wayside however, and it is possible to place over 8,000 bet variations for more than 20 different sports types during high season. All in all, Titanbet is able to fulfil all of the important review criteria for bet offers, making them a genuine competitor for the top dogs in sports betting.

The Football markets cover nations at least to the third leagues, and another focus, even within live bets, is on Tennis.

Titanbet also get additional points for its U.S. sports (American Football, Baseball & Basketball), but only in terms of quantity as there are no interesting special bets to be found here.

How Good are the Odds?

A simple search of various comparison sites shows Titanbet ranking merely average when it comes to prices, and if you frequent online forums you may well have seen the bookie criticised for their stingy odds, especially on Football markets.

It seems Titanbet have embraced this feedback, however, restructuring their business in order to offer more generous and dynamic odds; but still, they struggling to compete with the major players in the industry whose prices and deals can’t often be beaten.

In an attempt to compete, Titanbet have recently added a ‘Best Price Guaranteed’ section of the site, which guarantees you the best price for your selection. For example, if you place a bet on a horse with odds of 8/1, and the horse starts the race at 10/1, you’d get odds of 10/1 on your bet if it won.

In Play Betting

Titanbet In-playSince first opening the in-play betting centre Titanbet have put a lot of effort into developing their live markets, and 6 years since its initial launch, the bookie has gone on to create a platform that’s enjoyed by thousands of players every hour. There are even sound effects relating to real time game info (the ref’s whistle for example).

To begin with, the in-play markets offered were a little threadbare, but they have managed to continually add new markets with recent additions including Volleyball, Golf, and Tennis.

Titanbet also boast a number of unique Asian markets. A full explanation of how these differ to some of the markets you may already be familiar with can be found in the ‘Best Features’ section later on in this post.

The Website

Titanbet WebsiteRecent upgrades to Titanbet’s site have seen them introduce three new languages to the site in addition to the English, German and Spanish already supported. You’ll now be able to view the site and contact support in Russian, Italian, and French. This may seem like no big deal, but it’s indicative of the way in which Titanbet are extending their reach and trying to attract new players worldwide.

In terms of the design of the site, Titanbet keeps things simple; you could probably even call it minimal. It uses a basic layout which is likely geared more towards novice or amateur bettors rather than experienced punters, but that’s not to say the site doesn’t offer a decent user experience for the old hands too. In fact, thanks to a huge range of Asian betting markets, Titanbet have managed to attract a large customer base of veterans and newbie’s alike.

Fast loading times, secure payments, and helpful support staff are just a few of the highlights of the website, and while the design could be more imaginative, the infrastructure of the sports book is quality.

The only real negative is the sign-up form, which is a bit laggy and looks like it was programmed back in the late 80’s. Interestingly, though, the mobile ready version of the site has a much better and more efficient sign-up form than the desktop version; go figure…

Mobile Betting

Titanbet are one of the better choices when it comes to mobile betting in our opinion, and the reason for this is twofold.

Firstly, the software is built to an extremely high standard, and it’s rare to experience issues while placing bets or checking existing bets on either the app or the mobile website.

Secondly, a number of exclusive mobile only promotions run at the site, and these are quite regular, offering free bets, re-load deposit bonuses, and more. You don’t need a separate account for betting on the mobile apps either, one account serves both desktop and mobile betting.

If you’re an iOS player, you can download the app easily and quickly from the App Store, or from the Titanbet website itself if you are and Android user.

Non-iOS or Android players can still benefit from the mobile betting experience, but will need to do so through their device’s internet browser instead.

Best Features

Asian Handicap Betting Odds

As with some of our other reviews, we’re going to focus on just one just area here; the Asian Handicap Betting Odds. While we briefly covered this earlier, we want to talk a bit more about what Asian Handicaps actually are, and why Titanbet are a recommended choice if you’re looking to place odds on any of the Asian markets.

At this point you might well be wondering: What are Asian Handicap betting odds?

Put simply, they’re odds developed in Asia that are worked out in a different way, offering punters a higher chance of winning when compared to conventional odds (which could include things like betting outright, each-way, etc).

Let’s use a football match as an example: Before the game begins, both teams are given a handicap which can be either positive or negative. They are in decimal format, so a positive handicap could be +0.5, while a negative handicap may look like -1.5 – basically, it’s a handicap of goals.

If you saw a team with a handicap of -2.0, therefore, it would mean they essentially start the match 2-0 down. This would mean that your team would need to score, and be clear, at least three goals before the end of the match. If the team you pick manages to do so, you win.

So what’s so special about the Asian markets at Titanbet? Well, Titanbet offer one of the biggest selection of Asian Handicap markets around for a start and this ensures you have a fine degree of choice when it comes to placing your bets.

Titanbet are also renowned for their generosity with the prices on their Asian Handicap bets, meaning you’ll very likely get better odds at Titanbet than you would elsewhere.

Payments & Limits

Titanbet operate varying maximum bet policies, and the exact figures are dependent on the market in question and your player account.

It’s generally best to look at how much you can win and then adapt your maximum bet around that. With some markets capped at payouts of £500,000, it’s quite rare to find a scenario where you’d not be able to place a bet due to a maximum bet policy.

One of the areas where Titanbet really excel, is their banking/cashier section, and this is due to the sheer number of payment options available to you. You’ll find all of the regular payment options like Debit Cards (Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard are all accepted), but there are also a number of EWallet payment options available to you, including Skrill, and Neteller.

The time that it takes Titanbet to process your withdrawals is slower than most, potentially taking up to 72 hours to process. This seems like a long time given the advances in technology that have enabled other bookies to process withdrawals a lot faster in recent years, and we feel Titanbet need to catch up here.

Still, it’s only fair to point out that this is a maximum time-frame and isn’t necessarily the amount of time you’ll have to wait.

History & About

Titanbet LogoTitanbet is one of the largest online gambling sites in the world, and between their Poker, Sportsbook, and Casino products, they enjoy a significant chunk of a very competitive marketplace.

The sports book side of the operation is just as successful as the poker and casino areas, and is also hosted using Playtech software. Playtech is one of the world’s leading casino developers, making both games and white label casino solutions. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange which is a mark of both trust and reliability, and this software is just one of the many reasons why Titanbet has enjoyed so much success.

Focusing on quality mobile betting from the offset, Titanbet have ensured their players can enjoy an extremely smooth and customisable betting experience, and their mobile apps and mobile ready website allow players on virtually any device to get in on the action.

Market wise, Titanbet are known for boasting one of the largest selections of markets and events in the world, with over 40,000 different markets found at the bookie each and every month. That’s a pretty impressive figure, rivalling even the likes of Coral and Betfair.

In order to attract players, Titanbet run rigorous ad campaigns with lucrative promotions and bonuses, and in their own words:

 “To complement the huge range of sports bets on offer at Titanbet, we offer a wide range of sports betting promotions that include generous free bet rewards, cash back specials, unique refunds, and a wonderful free bet welcome package.”

Plus, once you’ve opened an account at Titanbet, you’ll also enjoy automatic access to the Titanbet Poker, Casino, games, Live Dealer Games, and Bingo – with your balance shared across all products, eradicating the need for multiple deposits and having to transfer funds between accounts.

Strong emphasis on security and responsible gambling are two more of Titanbet’s strong points, and because of the good work they are doing the bookie continues to grow, with new players joining all the time.