Golf Betting Guides

Betting on golf gives the punter more choices and more freedom than most other sports, with a multitude of bet types covering a wide range of possibilities. It’s a sport where you can bet without, bet on the top 5 or 10, and still get good outright odds on top quality players thanks to the way the game is played.

Knowing this is possible is only half of the battle though, knowing when and how to do it effectively is what will win you more bets. The articles below cover every element of betting on golf in quick and easy to read chunks, so you can improve your golf betting handicap while on a break, on the bus, or on the loo.

Confused Golfer

Why Does 'Sub Par' Mean Bad Instead of Good?

The English language is a tricky beast at times, and the sport of golf is full of confusing terms and phrases, so mix the two together and the uninitiated can be in for a confusing time. The usually negative terms 'sub par' or 'under par' take on a different meaning in golf, and here is why.
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Stroke Play v Match Play: What's the Difference?

Most golf fans will be familiar with stroke play, even if they do not know it, because that is the form most tournaments take, but match play allows for a more tactical approach to the game and suits a more aggressive player, whereas stroke play is all about consistency.
Old Golfer

At What Age Do Professional Golfers Retire?

Golfers tend to have a longer professional lifespan than those in other sports such as football and tennis. The sport does not require the same levels of stamina and so, as long as a player remains relatively fit and keeps their skills sharp, they can still compete. But for how long?
Risk Reward Challenge Golf

What is the Risk Reward Challenge in Golf

A season long competition which seeks to find the best decision makers in the game, the Risk Reward Challenge offers a huge prize but hasn't exactly ignited the imaginations of fans or players. Nevertheless, it is an interesting additional point of interest for anyone following the season, and we explain how it works within.
Par Golf

What Does Par Mean in Golf?

Even those with no idea about golf will have heard the phrase "That's par for the course". The word itself has an interesting history, but if you want to understand golf then getting to grips with what par means, and how it effects scoring is absolutely essential and a great place to start.
Common golf terms

What do Bogie, Birdie, Eagle and Albatross Mean in Golf?

Many sports have their own quirky words or phrases, but golf stands apart in this respect with many of the famous sound offs seemingly having no clear relation to the sport at all. Why are so many birds involved, and what on earth is a bogey? They all have stories behind them, and some are fascinating.
World Cup of Golf

What is the World Cup of Golf?

If someone told you they had never heard of the football World Cup you wouldn't believe them, but the World Cup of golf? You might understand that a little more. But why is this national competition lesser known and what is it all about?
Man Woman Golf Buggy

Can Men and Women Compete Together in Golf?

Gender equality is quite rightly widely promoted, but in sport, the gender divide is often down to fairness. A female boxer vs a male boxer wouldn't be a particularly fair fight, for example, but there are sports where physicality is less important like snooker. Where does golf fit into all of this?
Golf Shaking Hands

How Do Dead Heats Work in Golf?

Dead heats are much more prevalent in golf than in many other sports, to the extent were you sometimes see 3 or 4 players tied for a certain spot. As a bettor, you should know what this means for your payout if it affects one of your bets.
Pro Am Golf Lewis Hamilton

What Are Pro Am Golf Tournaments?

Every fancied playing against your favourite golf pro in a tournament? A pro am would be the way to do it, although sadly it's not quite as simple as signing up and trying your luck. You can learn all about them in this article though.
Golf Open

What is an Open Golf Tournament?

You would be forgiven for thinking that anybody could enter an 'open' tournament, but in golf, an open isn't quite as open as it sounds. However, they are certainly easier to gain access to than invitationals, and we cover some of the biggest opens in this article.
Golf Invitational

What is a Golf Invitational?

The clue is in the name, but as ever, this isn't quite as straightforward as that. The basic difference between an open and an invitational is fairly obvious, although it is explained properly within and the biggest invitationals are covered as well.
Golf Team Tournaments

How Do Team Tournaments in Golf Work?

Many bettors would struggle to name a team tournament in gold other than the Ryder cup, but there are plenty of them out there presenting opportunities for punters who know the sport. A team tournament is not the same thing as pairs though, which this article makes clear.
World map golf ball

Top 'X' Betting in Golf

The X can mean anything, but is most commonly a country, so the bet would be on the top player from the USA, or from Ireland etc. This can throw up some interesting possibilities when it comes to dead heats, and the odds can vary quite a bit from bet to bet too.
Happy Golfer

What Does it Mean To Make the Cut in Golf

A nice simple bet which you can apply to any player on the field in most competitions. However, there are still some rules to be aware of and some tips you can put into practice to give yourself the best chance of success.
Tiger Woods Shaking Hands

72 Hole Betting in Golf

Sometimes called match betting, sometimes called tournament match betting, and sometimes called 72 hole betting, it all amounts to the same thing; you are betting on the outcome between just two of the golfers in the field regardless of how many others are competing.
Golf 2 Ball betting

Golf: 2 & 3 Ball betting

Golf is a long game, and betting on tournaments can be fun but it takes ages for your bet to resolve. For a quicker fix and a better chance of winning betting on the 2 ball or 3 ball market is the perfect anecdote, focusing on the short term performances of a few specific players.

Top 5/10/20 Betting in Golf Tournaments

Betting on the winner of the tournament may come with better odds, but there is another bet which leaves the punter more wiggle room and can still offer decent potential net wins; the Top 5/10/20 bet. What is it? How does it work? And how is it best used? Let us tell you.
Golf Betting 400

Outright Winner: How Does Tournament Betting Work in Golf

The majority of golf betting revolves around tournaments and outright markets, but there are a few freak outcomes you should be aware of, and the tips within won't hurt your betting success either.