Golf Betting Guides

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72 Hole Betting

Sometimes called match betting, sometimes called tournament match betting, and sometimes called 72 hole betting, it all amounts to the same thing; you are betting on the outcome between just two of the golfers in the field regardless of how many others are competing.
Golf 2 Ball betting

Golf: 2 & 3 Ball betting

Golf is a long game, and betting on tournaments can be fun but it takes ages for your bet to resolve. For a quicker fix and a better chance of winning betting on the 2 ball or 3 ball market is the perfect anecdote, focusing on the short term performances of a few specific players.

Top 5/10/20 Betting in Golf Tournaments

Betting on the winner of the tournament may come with better odds, but there is another bet which leaves the punter more wiggle room and can still offer decent profits; the Top 5/10/20 bet. What is it? How does it work? And how is it best used? Let us tell you.
Golf Betting 400

Outright Winner: How Does Tournament Betting Work in Golf

The majority of golf betting revolves around tournaments and outright markets, but there are a few freak outcomes you should be aware of, and the tips within won't hurt your betting success either.