Cricket Betting Guides

There are a lot of aspects that can trip you up when betting on cricket. A player who shines in one format, for example, might not be so effective in another, so you really have to know your onions if you want your cricket bets to come in.

Upsets and big odds are more common here than in other sports and it pays to know as much about the weather and the pitch as it does about the players and in which continent they tend to perform at their strongest. There is a lot of information below that will increase your knowledge, and therefore your chances of betting on cricket successfully.

Duckworth Lewis Stern Method

What is the Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) Method in Cricket?

Introduced in the late nineties, the Duckworth Lewis Stern method is one of the more convoluted rules in cricket, so if you don't fully understand it you are in good company. It is a necessary rule though, as without it, bad weather and other reasons for breaks in play can create an unfair advantage.
Batting and Bowling Cricket

Do All Players Bat and Bowl in Cricket?

A spectator unfamiliar with the game might well wonder what the rules are when it comes to all of the players switching places during a game of cricket. This article clears everything up in that regard, as well as going into the most usual team formations.
Test Match Cricket

Why do Some Cricket Matches Last so Long?

Compared with most other sports, cricket really is a long game. Although there are now formats which open and close within the day, the traditional and most widely known format of the game can last several days. Why?
Cricket 100

What is the Hundred? Cricket's New Fast Paced Tournament

The next step along from the T20, this style of cricket is limited to just 100 deliveries per team. It's brand new, having only been set to begin in 2020 before you know what held things up.
T20 Cricket Logo

What is T20 (Twenty20) in Cricket?

Aside from the odd name, T20 cricket is all about creating a faster paced more action packed version of the traditional game, usually completing in just a few hours.
Cricket Draw

What is a Draw in Cricket?

They don't occur all that often in cricket, but when they do, would you know the difference between a tie and a draw? Would you still feel so confident if you were watching a test as opposed to a T20 game, or a one day international? This article breaks it all down for you.
Match Fixing Cricket

Match Fixing in Cricket

You might not naturally associate shady characters and dodgy dealings with cricket, but actually, of all the sports this is arguably the one most affected by it. The game is its own worst enemy here in many ways, as there are so many elements of the game that can be fixed without heavily impacting the overall result.