F1 Betting Guides

As a sport, Formula 1 can be seen as predictable, and you would think that would make it a bit of a dud for betting, but it is also one of the most watched sports in the world and as the articles below will show you, there is still value and potential to be found when betting on Formula 1.

It’s true that big upsets are less common, and that the favourites tend to win and at short odds too, but there is plenty of entertainment value to be had from outrights, and prop bets a great for fun and variety and a skilled bettor can use them to his or her advantage.

Female F1 Driver

Women in F1: Why Are There No Female Formula 1 Drivers?

Although female drivers have taken to the track in the past, it has been an awful long while since a woman has featured as a principal driver in F1. So why is this, what's stopping them, and is it likely to change?
Dangerous F1 Tracks

What Are the Most Dangerous Tracks in F1?

F1 is one of those sports that can prove fatal when things go wrong. All of the drivers know this of course, and they compete anyway, but it's not always just the drivers who end up in trouble. Some tracks are particularly notorious for being dangerous, however, and these are some of them.
F1 Rain

How Does Rain Affect F1?

Anyone who drives will know that getting behind the wheel when it rains is more dangerous than usual. Well when you're going at 200 miles per hour that becomes a whole different story, and changes have to be made to adapt. It can affect betting too.
Formula One Crash

How Often Do F1 Drivers Crash?

No one likes to see a crash at high speed, but in F1 they do happen with a crash rate of around 6%-7% per race. Thankfully, serious injuries are rare, but these too can happen.
F1 Chequered Flag

When Does an F1 Race End: Do All The Cars Cross the Finish Line?

It may seem like the obvious answer would be 'when all the cars have finished', but when the race officially ends isn't quite that simple. Time restrictions and other factors come into play and make this matter a little more complex.
F1 Safety Car

What is the Safety Car in Formula 1?

Much more likely to be used nowadays than when they were first officially introduced back in 1993, the safety card can be deployed for a number of different reasons, but the aim is always to keep dangerous situations at bay.
F1 Qualifying

How Does Qualifying Work in F1?

The way in which drivers qualify in F1 has changed almost as many times as the cars have changed their tires, but apart from a few real duds the changes have usually come for very good reasons, and have only improved the sport for drivers and fans alike.
F1 Did Not Finish

What Does Did Not Finish (DNF) Mean in F1?

Did Not Finish (DNF) is not a result any bettor wants to see in relation to their bet, but to make things worse, even a car that finishes might not officially finish. The way DNF works in F1 is a little confusing, but all is explained here.
Bored Formula 1

Is F1 Too Predictable?

There have been many grumblings about the way F1 has gone over the years, with the lack of overtaking and something of a monopoly at the top arguably making the sport less exciting and very predictable. Is this true, and if so, what does it mean for the bettor?
F1 Winner with Trophy

Driver & Constructor Championships Betting in F1

When it comes to outright bets on F1 these two are the clear front runners. They are bets that run as long as the season remains undecided, so they are excellent value for money as far as entertainment is concerned, and we take a good look at both here.
F1 Starting Grid

Does Pole Position Matter in Formula 1?

The starting position is a major factor of any Forumla One race. There are some interesting stats relating to the success of drivers starting in pole position, and you can read all about them here.
F1 Car on Street

F1 Street Circuits: Grand Prix's That Take Place on City Streets

Street circuits may divide opinion among fans what with those narrow tracks that make overtaking difficult, but like it or not it is here to stay. This article has a look at some of the best circuits the sport has to offer.